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Reliable Emergency Dental Care in Laurel, MD

Laurel Dental Associates provides comprehensive emergency dental care and is dedicated to alleviating your discomfort as quickly as possible. Because we routinely offer any same-day services, your emergency will be handled promptly, with the goal of completing all treatment in-office and avoiding referral to a specialist.

Experiencing a dental emergency in Laurel, MD?Call Dr. Nima Rezaian and the team at Laurel Dental Associates today! (301) 776-5051.

Our Emergency Dental Services
Emergency Detnistry

We provide appropriate solutions for the most common dental emergencies. Available treatments include:

Root Canal Therapy (RCT) – Toothaches are caused by the spread of decay to the inner chamber of the tooth, resulting in an infection that is necessary to treat with root canal therapy. During this procedure, the damaged pulp, and nerves are removed, and the canal filled with a biocompatible material that seals and restores the inner portion of the tooth.

Crowns – Crowns are used to repair teeth cracked and broken due to injury or trauma. Dr. Rezaian has an eye for detail and can provide a shade-matched, aesthetically pleasing temporary crown immediately while your permanent restoration is created.

Bonding – When our patients experience cracks or small chips in a tooth, we offer high-quality, shade-matched bonding to seamlessly restore your smile. This material is also used in repairing loose composite fillings.

Dental Implants – Our dentist is specially trained and experienced in the art of dental implantology. If a tooth has become dislodged, we will attempt to re-implant it, depending on the amount of time that has elapsed and the condition of the tooth; however, if the missing tooth cannot be located, dental implants can be placed to prevent the bone loss that accompanies tooth loss.

Traditional Bridges – Another option to replace a tooth lost in a dental emergency is with a conventional dental bridge. This method uses healthy adjacent teeth as anchors to secure a pontic or replacement tooth. We offer quality restorations that are made from your carefully obtained dental impression.

Your Emergency Dentist - Open Saturdays

Because dental emergencies don’t keep regular business hours, Dr. Rezaiyan and the entire team at Laurel Dental Associates make treatment for these complications a priority. We have earned a reputation for not only providing the emergency care our community but for being as accommodating as possible and staying late when needed s.

A dental emergency requires prompt attention - call Laurel Dental Associates today for quick relief!