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Laser Dentistry and Gum Disease Treatment

The introduction of laser technology in periodontal treatment has streamlined an otherwise detailed dental procedure. Normally, traditional gum disease treatments require an intricate approach and longer appointments to remove all traces of infection effectively and restore oral health.

Dr. Nima Rezaian and our caring team of professionals at Laurel Dental Associates provide gentle laser gum disease treatment in Laurel. To learn more about modern gum disease treatment, contact us today!

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser instruments allow for precise treatment of gum disease by using a beam of light to act as the cutting instrument. The accuracy of these lasers helps Dr. Rezaian to focus treatment on a specific area without risking damage to healthy surrounding tissue.

Soft tissue lasers are beneficial in a variety of other ways as well. This technology helps treatment areas heal faster, effectively eliminating the need for sutures. The heat from the laser also sterilizes the area during your procedure, reducing the onset of bacterial infection. Diode lasers additionally aid in the regeneration of healthy gum tissue.

Laser Dentistry and Gum Disease Treatment

How Laser Technology Improves Periodontal Procedures

Gum disease is common among adults but can cause significant complications when not treated early. Traditional scaling and root planing is a time-consuming process that requires a thorough approach. Laser dentistry has simplified this process, minimizing treatment time and proving to be an effective alternative to traditional periodontal care. These cutting-edge lasers can reach beneath the gum tissue without causing damage, resulting in little to no pain or discomfort following treatment.

Because of these benefits, laser technology has become more popular. Our team utilizes this effective technique for patients with gum disease and to create proper fit and aesthetics for restorations.

Additional soft tissue treatments have been revolutionized by laser technology. Dental lasers can improve results for patients undergoing crown lengthening, frenectomies, and addressing a gummy smile.

Dental lasers are perhaps most effective when used in combination with conventional scaling and root planing. We use the laser after performing the procedure with traditional hand instruments as an extra defense against recurring infection. The laser thoroughly cleans below the gum line, making pockets smaller with minimal healing time.

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At Laurel Dental Associates, we feel the most beneficial treatment combines state-of-the-art technology with patient education. Dr. Rezaian is specially certified to operate laser instruments when performing gum disease treatment in Laurel and surrounding communities. Call us today to schedule your appointment.